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Our Services - Termite Inspections, Termite Treatments, and Dry Rot Repairs
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Our Services

WDO Inspections

We inspect for Wood Destroying Pest and Organisms such as Subterranean Termites, Drywood Termites, Wood Boring Beetles, Wood Decay Fungi (Dry Rot), and conditions that could lead to these findings such as plumbing leaks, faulty grades, and inadequate ventilation in crawlspaces.

Treatments & Repairs

If any Pest are found, have no fear; we perform all the necessary treatments with warranties included! We also offer repairs for damage that we find and will bill to Escrow if needed.

  • We’re fully Licensed, Bonded, and Insured so you can feel at ease knowing you’re protected and in good hands.
  • Billed to Escrow with Open Escrow Account that is scheduled to close within 30 days.

Our Customers

  •   I couldn't say enough about how easy it has been for me to work with this company. They are punctual, time sensitive and very responsive. Paul has been patient in working with us and is available to answer any questions we might have. Over all they have been a really good company to work with. When you need an inspection done well, and on time, by professional, well trained staff call these guys.

    thumb Bernadine S.

      I'm a real estate agent and have referred United Termite & Home Services to several home sellers and buyers. Every time, the technician has been punctual, thorough and clear in explaining his findings in plain English. I am confident that Paul and his team are honest professionals committed to providing the highest level of service to their customers. It is a pleasure to do business with them, and they have my kudos and thanks for doing great work for the people I've referred to them.

    thumb Melissa C.

      I was concerned and called frantically.  We scheduled appointment and Paul was prompt, professional and his calm personality put me at ease.  He let me know my options, as we did have dry wood termites, and we put a plan of action together.  Since I live in an older neighborhood,  I will be recommending their service to my neighbors .

    thumb Max G.
  •   I was referred to Paul of United Termite by another agent and I couldn't be happier!!

    Paul is punctual, affordable and very professional. Such excellent attention to detail, he catches everything! But most importantly, he knows how to explain his findings in a non-threatening way.

    This is very important because I will often have my buyer come to the pre-purchase inspection. If the buyer gets scared by the findings we could lose the deal. At the same time, we don't want to sugar-coat anything and help the buyer make a sound decision.

    Paul strikes the perfect balance by bringing up issues in straight-forward informative way, without scaring the buyer. He takes a lot of time to make sure my buyer is fully aware of everything, including possible ways to address issues, so that we could ask the seller to address problems and keep the deal going.

    Paul's turn-around on report delivery is amazing! I'll often have the report same day, or the next the next morning/day. Awesome! His communication is always very prompt and I could count on him to answering my texts, sometimes within minutes.

    Paul of United Termite is the best pest inspector around! I just hope he doesn't get too busy, so I could keep using him. Good thing he is training new inspectors in his company to hopefully duplicate his excellent service and amazing value.


    thumb Casey C.

      I've been using Paul for 4-5 years now and deal with pest inspection companies all the time due to my profession. Paul is knowledgeable, consumer focused and professional. We have seen plenty of companies take advantage of clients. His prices are extremely competitive and he's honest. You can't go wrong using United Termite.

    thumb Kiana R.

      We had just bought a house and found out it had a termite infestation. I went looking for for help and found Paul. He is very professional and very knowledgeable. He confirmed that we did have termites and gave us a few options but we ended up having him treat our house. He is very through and thoughtful of the chemicals he uses since we have kids and pets. I highly recommend them for all of you pest and treatment needs. He even let us know of a few things he saw that we weren't aware of since the lame pest company that was hired from our the sellers had missed and were not very through. We will be using Paul from now on. Thanks alot Paul!!

    thumb Adam B.